Heya! I'm Zania

I'm a product design manager living, working, and tweeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love vanilla ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles. Yummm.

Main Gig


Manages product designers focused on making Meta's platforms safe for businesses and customers.

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Side Gig

Design Leaders

Co-owns and manages a diverse, global community where leaders share knowledge and collectively advance the design discipline.

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Old Gig


Manages a team of product and content designers crafting the flights business vertical from the ground up.

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Goal Setting

Learn to set SMART goals and create milestones using the GROW framework. Use my free template to craft your next goal or coach your peers.


Banana Bread Recipe

Enjoy my tasty banana bread recipe! It's delicious. It's decadent. It's a reason to be my friend.

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Management principles

People are paramount

Fostering an inclusive, psychologically safe environment where people are empowered to do their best work is essential to creating a motivated, healthy team.

Process yields progress

Processes promote a reliable standard of quality and push initiatives towards impactful outcomes. They're essential to building and maintaining a high-performing team.

Objectives matter

Goals should be well-defined, with clear connections to user and business needs. Ambitious goals inspire—ensure everyone knows what's expected of them.

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